APEX 5 creating regions on an existing page

In APEX 4.2, it's nice and simple. Right click on the body node of the page tree view, and click create:

After clicking create, you would be presented with all the possible region types:

The rest is just a matter of following the steps.

APEX 5, has a new page designer, and it took me a minute or so to figure out how to add a form region, since there seems to be a couple of options for adding regions!

Firstly, in the centre column down the bottom of the page, you have a grid view of (almost) all the region types you can add. You can either drag them onto the visual layout of your page above, or right click and select where to add it to.

The other option is on the left hand pane, right click and then select Create Region.


This will create a region with the type set as: "Static Content". 

You then need to change the type on the right hand pane, and then fill out any region specific settings.

At this point, it's probably also worth mentioning that the settings for the regions on the right pane might not be displaying all settings. There are two options in the toolbar:

1. Show common
2. Show all

E.g. region static ID is only displayed if you have `Show all` mode enabled:

Some regions should be created through the new page wizard, which you will notice if you try to select Tabular Form:

And form region is not listed there - well technically, it's not a region type, so that makes sense. On the top of your page, you will notice a plus icon button. And this is how we can add form regions to our page,

Which gives us all the wizard options we've come to expect:

disclaimer: This is based on the current early adopter (3) instance of apex

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