Report row buttons firing a dynamic action

A lot of the time on reports of data, we'll define a link column, and specify an image which is the beloved pencil icon.

Which is good and all, but looking in the Sample Database Application (packaged application), they have taken a different approach to style links - a button that stretches the width of it's containing cell. So, the UI ends up looking like so:

So, is this done?

Well first, you define a new column for the placeholder. Suppose I want my link column to be Report, I define an extra column in my query:

, 'Report' report_link

Then I need to go to my new column's attributes, and change the column type to a link.

And, in the link attributes, set the text to what you want displayed. Here, I'm just going to display the value of the new column and point to my desired page. So I set the target page, then also the Link text as #REPORT_LINK#.

At this point the report will just show link text, as we expect.

So, then to replicate the same style, we just need to apply the same classes, which happen to be:

  • t-Button 
  • t-Button--simple 
  • t-Button--hot 
  • t-Button--stretch
So, in the link, set the link attributes as:

class="t-Button t-Button--simple t-Button--hot t-Button--stretch".

Now when we run the page, we get the desired behaviour:

How about for a dynamic action?

Well, in the columns link, there is no option for "Defined by Dynamic Action" as we usually see in regular page buttons. We just get page or URL options.

Typically, you will assign a special class to your element so that you can specify a jQuery selector on your dynamic action target that will fire and optionally a data attribute used to store the ID of the row (such as data-order-id="xx"). More on this later.

So, back to the column action. A typical pattern here will be to specify URL and that a target of #, javascript:void(0);, or javascript:;.

The # is usually a trick when you want to go to a position in the same page, so not using href as it was designed for.

The void is a JavaScript operator that returns void, and the other one is obviously an empty javascript expression!

When using void, it is important to pass in 0 to the function, or it's likely you will receive the following error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token )

With all that said, I think it is better to avoid these (hacky?) solutions. It is not a "link" so the href tag should ideally not be there. If you want a row button that will fire a dynamic action, instead you should set the column type to plain text and then set a HTML expression on the column.

Since it is a button we want, it is a button we shall use. We will end up with markup as follows,  that we add into the HTML expression:

<button class="orderReportButton
           t-Button--stretch" data-order-id="#ORDER_ID#" type="button">
    <span class="t-Button-label">Report</span>

There we have.

Now, we just need to finish off our dynamic action. We create a click dynamic action based on a jQuery selector.

Then, in our true action, we can just reference the expression "this.triggeringElement.getAttribute('data-order-id')" or jQuery "$(this.triggeringElement).data('order-id');

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