Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Personal Project Activity Stream on JIRA

I wanted to show my personal activity within JIRA - sometimes it's tricky to find tickets but that you know you recently commented on one, so an activity stream can be a way to do this. I know that if on my project view, I click the project icon:

I get taken to a page that will show an activity stream. This however shows all activity on all tickets on the project, not just for the current user.

I also know that I can go to my user profile I can get an activity stream just for my account, but this will show activity across all projects.

A better approach I would say is to create a dashboard.

From your main menu, select Dashboard -> Manage Dashboards.

At the top right, you will see a button to create a new dashboard - click that button.

Now that you have the dashboard created, once you navigate to it you will see a blank slate that you can add gadgets to. Gadgets are little components to present data to the viewer, whether that be graphs, data grids or activity streams.

You may wish to alter your layout - for this example I will stick to the default 2 column layout.
In the right hand column, click the"add a new gadget" link.

By default, only 2 gadgets will be displayed. You will need to load all gadgets. Once done, the top entry will be the activity stream.

So, click the Add gadget button against the activity stream.

Here you can apply some global filters so that you get only data you want to see in the activity stream.

..and voila, mission accomplished. You can then easily access this page by going to your dashboard from the main menu.