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Accessing Google Data

First I want to point out, the code posted here is in my no means complete, but I believe it provides a good foundation to extend on. To point out some of what is lacking - I am not fetching the refresh token to easily get a new access token without user intervention. I am not handling when the access token is no longer valid. Etc. Also, since a lot of the responses result in JSON, I used the PL/JSON package throughout. I also unfortunately cannot set up a demo on due to the obvious limitation of the wallet, and using utl_http. You may know, google has a series of API's that allow you to access your data programatically, to create third party apps. Originally when I looked at the docs, it was using OAuth 1, and I never ended up mastering it. Oleg made a post about the differences here: The google docs are here, and they are quite detailed with what to do: